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You’re sure to have seen the modern, wooden and glass Nature Park House en route to the Alpengasthaus Breitlahner. What’s hidden within the walls of this small building is amazing. A permanent exhibition leads you on a journey into the world of glaciers. The exhibition is interactive with multimedia elements and, as such, is an absolute highlight for children. The Nature Park House is also home to a library of books about the Nature Park and the Alps. 




The Mountaineering Village of Ginzling.

 Mountaineering villages are regional centres for sustainable alpine tourism with the aim of encouraging awareness of and respect for nature. They guarantee a professional holiday destination for mountaineers, have a high quality environment and countryside, and are engaged in the protection of local culture and nature. Ginzling is a mountaineering village and, as such, delivers all of these things. The “Nasenwand” via ferrata and the nature park and alpine library are two examples of this.  Ginzling village council, the Ziller Valley section of the Alpine Association  and the Nature Park continue to work together to further develop this initiative and to establish sustainable tourism in Ginzling.